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Alberta Fightback


Bill 47 was tabled on November 5, 2020 to amend the Workers Compensation Act and replaces the Occupational Health and Safety Act in its entirety. It contains major revisions of health and safety regulations, all of them cut corners and roll back workers rights for the exclusive benefit of employers.

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Jason Kenney's government has adopted legislation (pdf) that, among other things, severely limits the bargaining and picketing rights of unions and aims to defund our public campaigns. It is an American-style attack on the fundamental goal of labour unions: to stand up for the rights of working people.

How does Bill 32 affect my workplace?

Here is a summary of some of the more radical changes proposed in Bill 32:

  • imposes time-consuming financial reporting requirements for local unions 
  • making union dues for core union advocacy* optional (*as defined by Kenney’s government)
  • reduces secondary picketing rights
  • limiting arbitrators’ discretion 
  • lowers the legal age of work to 13 years old

Where else have these laws been implemented?

Most of the changes proposed in Bill 32 are unprecedented in Canada. They are more common in southern U.S. states where they have had the effect of reducing unionization rates and keeping wages artificially low.

Why now?

Jason Kenney’s economic recovery plans are failing. Alberta has lost 50,000 jobs since the election. Workers have been vocal critics of Kenney’s privatization and tax cuts, and now he’s moving to silence us. The summer pandemic has also provided him an opportunity to move quickly while other news captures the headlines and workers are tied up with health and financial issues.

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Fight back!

Write your Alberta MLA and tell them you don't support U.S.-style labour legislation.  

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Jason Kenney is importing the worst Republican labour laws

No wonder he needs a distraction

Stop Bill 32. Stop Jason Kenney.

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