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Repetitive Strain Injuries – Questionnaire

Repetitive Strain Injury is a generic term used to group a broad number of overuse injuries that impact the neck, upper and lower back, shoulders, arms, and hands.

These injuries affect 2.3 million Canadians each year, taking a tremendous toll on workers and the workforce with RSIs accounting for between 40 to 50 per cent of all work related illnesses nationwide.

Unifor is interested in your experience at work and how we can better advocate for better-designed work spaces and relief from repetitive tasks that can lead to injury.

Please take a moment to tell us about your repetitive strain injury/ injuries.





How old are you?
What is your gender?
Where do you work?
What sector do you work in?
At work, how many soft tissue injuries (muscle, tendon, ligament) caused by repeatedly performing the same motions have you experienced?
Please select the body area where you experience symptoms. Check all that apply.
How did your injury affect your work attendance?
Does your injury have a permanent impact on your personal/family life?