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August 26 - 4:45 PM EDT
JD Power Awards to CAMI plant show the value of having a workforce that is engaged.
August 26 - 3:30 PM EDT
Unifor will hold its first Canadian Council meeting in Vancouver from September 12 to 15...
August 26 - 9:15 AM EDT
The Good Jobs Summit made its official debut with a multi-generational panel...
August 25 - 4:30 PM EDT
Unions representing all health care workers in Nova Scotia have submitted a formal proposal to develop a new bargaining system in which the unions joi
August 25 - 2:45 PM EDT
The 75 members of Unifor Local 2011 have been on strike...
August 22 - 12:00 PM EDT
Workers at local 4606 unanimously recently ratified a new contract after four years...


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