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WSIB – Topical Issues (Workers Safety & Insurance Board ONTARIO ONLY)

4 Days


This Ontario Federation of Labour program combines a series of short workshops on topical WSIB issues including:

  • Essentials of Accommodation – the duty to accommodate, undue hardships, responsibilities of workplace parties (employer, worker and union) in accommodation are explored.
  • Confronting Work Disruptions – Workers who suffer work related injuries face particular challenges during a layoff/workplace closure when they attempt to find new work.  Are these workers entitled to further benefits and services from the WSIB?  What can workers do to prepare for a work disruption?
  • NEER Perfect RTW Solutions – Understanding New Experimental Experience Rating (NEER) premiums and how progressive work reintegration strategies can positively affect NEER premiums.
  • Preparing for Work Transition – WT principles and assessment, the role of the Case Manager, selecting a suitable occupation (SO), WT plans, enhanced WT and Local Labour Markets will be included.  The process for appeals and WSIAT decisions are presented to assist when the identified SO is not appropriate.
  • NEL Bootcamp – This session looks at how Non-Economic Loss (NEL) awards are calculated.
  • Chronic Pain – What is chronic pain?  And how does the WSIB define it?  Facts about chronic pain and the psychological effect will also be discussed.
  • Mental Stress Claims – The history of mental stress claims and the three policies dealing with mental stress will be discussed.

This short week course will provide you with an overview on the issues noted above.  Completion of WSIB I & II is a prerequisite.