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WSIB - Medical Orientation (Workers Safety & Insurance Board ONTARIO ONLY)

5 Days

WSIB I & II AND either Level III or Return to Work

This course is designed for those Ontario members who have successfully completed Levels I, II and either Level III or Return to Work. The medical orientation course is a comprehensive program designed to break down the barrier of communicating in 'medicalese'. Through straight-forward explanations and exercises, medical terminology is broken down into understandable terms. Participants will learn about basic human anatomy, body functions and systems, diagnostic testing and surgical procedures.  We will focus on areas that are common to WCB advocacy. Specific work related injuries will be discussed with an in-depth look at occupational diseases and how to prove a causal relationship. Actual medical reports will be used throughout the course.

Participants will both learn to understand the contents of medical reports and apply them to resolve entitlements for injured workers. Participants will also gain practical experience in calculating various pensions contained in the Act. The basics of ergonomics will also be included in this course.

Completion of WSIB I, II and either Level III or Return to Work are prerequisite.

Don’t see this course in your region?

For one-day and three-day courses, you can make a local union request by contacting the Education Department at or 416-718-8489. Please note that one-week courses only take place at our Unifor Education Centre in Port Elgin, ON.

For more courses in the Quebec region, please visit or contact the Education Department in Quebec at or 514-389-9223