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Grievance Handling & Workplace Leadership - Health Care Workers

5 Days

Are you a Chairperson, Steward or a Committeeperson representing workers in health care?  Would you like to develop or sharpen your skills?  The role of workplace representatives is critical to our union’s strength – it is a rewarding and challenging job.

In this week-long program, using case studies from the health care sector and hands-on practical activities, we focus on three key themes related to the role of the workplace representative:

  1. Technical skills (e.g. what a grievance is, how to conduct an investigation, writing and presenting grievances, duty of fair representation, how to research arbitration decisions);
  2. Communication skills (e.g. listening, asking questions, formulating arguments);
  3. Union building skills (e.g. actions and strategies for strengthening the union at the local and national level).

This program is designed to equip workplace leaders with the skills and tools needed to defend the rights of workers and to develop an understanding of the role of a workplace representative in building a strong membership and local union.

Don’t see this course in your region?

For one-day and three-day courses, you can make a local union request by contacting the Education Department at or 416-718-8489. Please note that one-week courses only take place at our Unifor Education Centre in Port Elgin, ON.

For more courses in the Quebec region, please visit or contact the Education Department in Quebec at or 514-389-9223