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In the street for women’s rights for more than a century

Any day now, thousands of Indian women will march into Delhi, completing a 10,000-kilometre trek from Mumbai that began in December, wound its way....

President's Message

Leadership means bringing us together

People of good conscious disagree all the time – always have, always will. It would be great if we could figure out a way to agree on the major issue

President's Message

Ontario’s party of the privileged exposed

The recent fall economic statement from Ontario’s Conservative government came straight out of the ring-wing playbook, and should serve as a warning.

President's Message

Scabs need to be shamed

A 56-second video caused a national uproar this week over whether my union, Unifor, crossed the line when seven scabs who are prolonging a 21-month..

President's Message

Culture an essential part of a new NAFTA

A country and its culture is distinguished from another by the stories it tells – about itself and about its place in the world.


Where was the outrage as workers rights were violated?

For nearly 630 days, 30 workers from Gander, N.L. have been locked out by their American-based employer. Scabs cross their picket line every day.