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Goodbye, Don Cherry, and good riddance

Every era must come to an end, and thankfully the end has come for Don Cherry’s.

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Unifor proud of its role during the federal election

We aren’t a shy bunch at Unifor - and that was certainly proved true during last month’s federal election.

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Minority government an opportunity for progressives

Let the negotiations begin. With the election of a minority Liberal government Monday, the new federal government will need to work with progressive..

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Get ready for Kenney’s attack on workers

When Jason Kenney walks back into the Alberta Legislature, he’ll be carrying with him plans to reverse decades of progress for working people.

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Manitoba’s lessons for the federal election

First, let’s talk about the lessons we can take from the Manitoba election this week as the federal election gets underway.

President's Message

Unifor doesn't just talk, we act

The debates and discussions all week at the convention were lively, informed and inspirational. We heard stories about the incredible work being...