Atlantic Regional Council

About Regional Councils

Unifor’s Regional Councils and the Quebec Council are a democratic force for union activism, solidarity, and strength. They are forums of accountability and organizing centres that involve and engage local union activists in the life of the union.

The Atlantic Regional Council held its inaugural meeting April 3-6, 2014 at the World Trade and Convention Centre in Halifax.

Atlantic Regional Council Executive Board

Chair: Morgan Palmer, Local 2002 (Interim)

Secretary-Treasurer: Adele Jackman, Local 410

Members at Large:  Courtney Langille, FFAW; Gary Pinsent, Local 2121; Archie MacLachlan, Local 972;  Adam Costain, Local 506; Luke Woodworth, Local 4005

Political Action Committee: Jennifer Benoit, Local 2107; Erin Howell Sharpe, Local 506

Health & Safety Committee: Jason Stewart, Local 823; Glen McGinley, Local 601-N 

EFAP/Addictions Committee: Brady Moore, Local 219; Doug Gray, Local 40-N

The council’s five equity-seeking committees were elected at caucus meetings of their peers:

LGBT Committee: Martin Melanson, Local 2002; Ky Rees Local 2002; Mark Stillwell, Local 1-MWF

Black, Indigenous and Workers of Colour Committee:  Ruqaiyah Abdu-Allah, Local 1-MWF; Frederick Riley, Local 4606; Lorna Bowden, Local 2289

Workers with Disabilities Committee: Alex Gerard, Local 2215, François Clavette, Local 29

Women’s Committee: Koren Beaman, Local 1-MWF; Erin MacDonald, Local 219, Doretta Strickland, FFAW

Young Workers Committee: Adreya Palmer, Local 2002; Garret Phillip, Local 1-MWF; Nikki Lyons-MacKenzie, Local 4504