An indigenous women smiling in front of a red Unifor backdrop

Michelle Wilson

Indigenous Representative


Michelle Wilson is a strong Cree/Mohawk woman from the Michel‘s First Nation in Alberta. She has the honour of living in BC on the unceded territory of Kwikwetlam First Nation

She is a proud member of Unifor Local 111 and as a transit operator in urban Vancouver. In September 2023, Wilson was elected during the Black, Indigenous and Workers of Colour Conference as the Indigenous Chair for the National Executive Board, serving a two-year term.

During her work with the union, she contributed on many different committees within the local that included being a sign-up representative and the Occupational Health and Safety Women’s Advocate.

Wilson sees the realities of injustice, disconnection, trauma and of hope and is honoured to work in the community and build connections to unique and shared stories.

She has held positions that require the building of trust and confidentiality, as a Women's Advocate and chair of the Women's Committee, and as a board member and volunteer with the Helping Spirit Lodge.

Through her own journey of reconnecting to her roots, to the Indigenous community, and her identity, is where she found her strength to bring collective voices to the decision-making table of the NEB, creating more opportunities for deeper understanding of Indigenous experiences and for an inclusive, respectful future for all.

Wilson is a mother of three grown children.