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Lana Payne


Lana Payne was elected National Secretary-Treasurer in 2019, becoming the first women to hold this leadership office.

Payne brings three decades of inspired leadership to workers, including through her previous position as Atlantic Regional Director. A proud feminist and activist, she found her home in the labour movement in 1991 with FFAW/CAW.

A former journalist Payne wrote a newspaper column for more than 20 years and was named one of Canada’s 23 Bold Women of Vision.

As President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour she utilized her media experience to raise the profile of the labour movement and successfully achieved significant changes to minimum wage and labour laws.

Since Unifor’s founding, Payne has advocated for stronger union and workers’ rights, helped usher in paid leave for victims of domestic violence in the Atlantic Region and was a leader in the fightback against Nova Scotia’s unprecedented attack on workers.

As Secretary-Treasurer, she has among other responsibilities, co-ordinated Unifor’s pandemic response, including the fight for paid sick days and stronger Employment Insurance, and has navigated the union through a financial crisis.

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