Alian Daigle's headshot

Alain Daigle

Road Transport Sector

Alain Daigle is currently Vice-President of Unifor's Road Transport Council, bringing 26 years of union expertise to the organization.

His union involvement began over two decades ago with Local 224, when he joined Leabrook (now Pretium) as a plastics technician. From his very first months of employment, he didn't hesitate to criticize his supervisors' attitudes and comments towards immigrant workers.

His union career has taken him through a variety of roles over the years. He started out as health and safety officer, then was appointed secretary-treasurer for his local union. Alain was subsequently elected vice-president, and when the previous president left, he assumed the presidency of local 700 in addition to holding the position of president of his unit.

Since 2003, Alain has assumed the role of President of Unifor Local 700, a local he helped build. Initially made up of just two units, it now has 39 units and represents nearly 1,800 members.

In addition to providing union training for Unifor, Alain Daigle acts as local representative and trainer for the Fonds de Solidarité FTQ. 

His dedication and leadership have greatly contributed to the evolution and growth of the local and the organization as a whole.