Pensions Option Form Mailings


The Union is still dealing with a number of issues that concern the packages that Navistar workers received from Morneau Shepell - we are in the midst of correcting these issues.

Navistar and Morneau Shepell have notified us that there are approximately 140+ members who have not mailed in their information to Morneau Shepell.  We are encouraging these members that if you have not mailed in your required paperwork as of yet, please do so as soon as possible. If you require assistance in filling out the pension paper or the marital status document, please contact the Local Union who will provide the necessary assistance. Our union is waiting on a list of the 140+ members from the company so as to assist our members in this issue.

There have been significant questions surrounding the marital status document, and again, we have raised this concern with the corporation and are confident that the confusion will be cleared up.  This is a very important issue and a top priority with the Union.

There are of course other issues that we are working on, including the issue of severance payments to eligible Navistar workers. We are frustrated with the corporation and are demanding that this be resolved immediately – there’s no legitimate reason for the delay.  We repeat there are other issues, example: the Grievance filed for TPT’s, and we continue to wait for the list of TPT’s and their eligibility for severance.

In closing, we very much appreciate the membership’s patience and want to ensure our members that we are maximizing the pressure on the company to finalize these matters.  We will continue to report through this website and the Local 127 website.