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Unifor was formed Labour Day weekend 2013 when the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union (CEP) merged. For current Unifor policies, click here. All archived policy requests and inquiries can be sent to 

Below is a list of archived policies that are available upon request

Canadian Auto Workers (CAW):
Affirmative Action 
Auto Mergers and the Financial Crisis
CAW Auto Policy
Building the Union in Hard Times, 2009 
Collective Bargaining and Political Action Program, 2002 
Earth Hour
Economics, Politics and the Union, Policy Document
Environment Statement of Principles
Hate Crimes: Targeting the LGBT Community
Health & Safety Statement of Principles
Human Rights – Workers Rights
Letter 19 Inclusive Language 
Manufacturing Matters
March 21, International Day for the Elimination of Racism
Montreal Massacre
Occupational Health & Safety, Violence in the Workplace
Our Union will Fight this Crisis / NEB Statement on 2008 Financial Crisis
Palestine Endorsing World Council of Churches
Reorganization of Work
Sex Trade
Statement on Defending Our Communities, (Days of Action)
Statement on The Family 
Violence Against Women
War in Afghanistan, 2001 
Women Violence and Justice
800 Coordination of Bargaining
801 Bargaining Costs
803 Pattern Negotiations
804 Working Families (Policy Bargaining Document)
617 Community Relations
805 Part Time Workers
807 Pension Benefit Formula
808 Job Security
809 Technological Change
811 Trades Apprenticeships Program
814 Forest Worker’s Bargaining Program
815 Health & Safety
901 Human Rights
902 Employment Equity
904 Child Care
905 Pay Equity
906 New Directions Document, (Policy Workplace Reorganization Document)
907 Drug Testing (part model language/part policy “statement”
909 The Environment 
910 Beyond Bargaining, Policy Convention Document
911 Employment Crisis
912 National Women’s Committee, (NAC) 
915 Just Transition to a Sustainable Economy in Energy, Statement of Principles
917 Energy Policy
918 National Forest Policy for a Sustainable Economy
921 Telecom Policy
922 Media Policy 
924 Problem Gambling & Substance Abuse
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