Job Posting – National Service Representative, Windsor

Please be advised that we have an opening for the permanent position of National Service Representative, working out of the Windsor office.

For those interested in applying for this position must send an email including a cover letter and a resume to @email no later than February 20, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Staff who work in the servicing department of Unifor are selected from the leadership of our local unions.  With this background, they are well-equipped to understand the demands of the role, and more importantly appreciate their essential duty of building the union, as outlined in Article 14 of the Constitution. (See Appendix A)

This includes active engagement in the political and organizing campaigns of the union, working with dedication and commitment to build the union and conducting themselves in a manner that respects and adheres to the principles of the union.

Service staff are viewed as a role model for both local union leadership and membership.  Their actions help shape the activism, commitment and unity of the entire union. 

National Service Representatives work under the direction of the leadership team. Should occasions arise not provided for in the Constitution or the policies of the national union, Service Representatives are expected to act according to the dictates of common sense, guided by an earnest desire to advance the best interest of our union, our members and the broader community.