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Lori, Personal Support Worker, Hamilton

A large private corporation took over our company in January 2012. Prior to that takeover, we were a family-run long term care home for 47 years. If there were any problems on the job, the owners were very good at helping anyway they could.

Once the new corporation took over, we all got nervous. We didn’t know how things might change. We tried to stay positive and hoped the home would continue to be run properly, for the benefit of the residents and the workers.

Within no time, the new management started cutting work hours from full time staff. Obviously, we didn’t find this right.

These moves affected me personally, since I had 4 of my regular shifts taken away. I called the employment standards office to ask if the company was able to do this. They told me, under the current rules, they could do whatever they want.

Everyday my coworkers would complain. The changes and the cuts being implemented were wrongheaded, and were creating a negative work environment. Staff morale was very low. Since I was affected, I finally thought we had enough. We needed to voice our opinions and change things for the better before people started to quit.

That's why we joined the union! We appreciate everything they’ve done for us and are eager to get started with bargaining our first collective agreement!