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Collective Bargaining - Health Care Workers

5 Days

This course features a new video production of IT’S NOT A GAME which portrays bargaining in a long-term care facility.

Want to strengthen your negotiation skills and learn more about Unifor bargaining priorities in the health care sector?  Some health care workers have the right to strike.  Some do not.  It depends on the legislation that applies.  Regardless of what legislation you work under, Unifor has found innovative ways to put health care workers in a position to make gains.  In this course participants learn about and discuss contract language, preparation, research, and maximizing bargaining power with a strategic approach to bargaining.  Participants in this program will come away with skills around drafting contract language, costing, analysing the employer’s bargaining position and building strong bargaining committees.

An important feature of this course is a simulated bargaining process in which participants experience all the stages of the bargaining process.  Every local union needs a strong bargaining committee.  Get the skills you need to be part of it!

Don’t see this course in your region?

For one-day and three-day courses, you can make a local union request by contacting the Education Department at or 416-718-8489. Please note that one-week courses only take place at our Unifor Education Centre in Port Elgin, ON.

For more courses in the Quebec region, please visit or contact the Education Department in Quebec at or 514-389-9223