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COVID-19: Mental Health Resources

Reach out to the people you care about.

Chances are, you or someone you know is struggling with increased anxiety, elevated symptoms of depression or is struggling with an addiction. It’s hard to know how to be supportive at the best of times, and isolation and quarantine create an added level of difficulty in supporting people you care about.

Reaching out to those experiencing mental illness during this time is as important as ever.  

Check in with your friends, family, and colleagues and talk about mental health. Talk about the plans you might put in place to manage loneliness and how you’ll cope with this sudden way-of-life shift because of COVID-19. Make a plan to check in regularly and support each other through this crisis. 

Tips on how you can support others

Connect with each other
Make a phone call.
Send an e-mail.
Send a message over social media.

Get in touch and let the people in your life know they are not alone.

Organize a group video chat
Your friends who are feeling additional distress might appreciate the chance to be included without the extra pressure of having to contribute to the conversation.

Create opportunities for laughter even among the chaos
Tell a joke or send a meme. Send a video of a child laughing or a picture of a cat doing something weird. This may sound frivolous but laughter is an important ingredient in mental wellness. Turning to each other for sources of laughter and lightheartedness is just as important as the more concrete actions.

Let the people around you know they do not have to respond right away
This is particularly important when supporting people experiencing increased levels of anxiety and distress. The pressure to respond might cause more harm for your friend. Offer to be consistent in your communication whether or not they have the energy to respond.

Be an active bystander if you witness racism, violence or bullying
Intervene if it is safe to do so or support the person who has experienced racism, violence, or bullying.

Don’t forget to talk about other things in life too
Our newsfeeds, newscasts and conversations are full of COVID-19. Other important events continue to happen in life, remember to ask about and catch up on other life news when you are checking in with the people you care about.

Stay in touch with Unifor
We may be in isolation, but we are not alone. You may be working, one of the many COVID heroes. We want to hear from all of you across Canada as this crisis unfolds. Tell us how you are coping at home and at work. Tell us what is happening in your workplace. Introduce us to your COVID-19 heroes. Record a 30 to 60 second video on your smart phone in selfie mode. 

Email video to us at