Unifor supports many initiatives to deal with domestic violence as a workplace issue. Within the union, an increasing number of our Locals are negotiating protection against discipline as well as including paid domestic violence leave in collective agreements. Across the country, we are meeting with legislators to encourage passage of paid domestic violence leave. Manitoba was the first jurisdiction to pass this important legislative right.

A resolution was passed at Unifor’s Canadian Council supporting lobby efforts for paid domestic violence leave in all jurisdictions. We have put together a lobby kit to assist local activists which is available to download below. 

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) launched a resource centre for dealing with domestic violence at work and the prevention of domestic violence. Unifor's Women's Advocate program is recognized as a model. We assisted in the development of the tool kit to assist the labour movement to deal with gender-based violence, including a bargaining guide.  The resource centre can be found here:  http://canadianlabour.ca/issues-research/domestic-violence-work.  

The Women’s Advocate program continues to be an important program for our union and women around the world. The program’s growth is directly linked to the commitment of staff, local leadership and the many new resources developed by the women’s department. Please visit the resource tab for more information and downloadable documents.

Unifor welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to New Brunswick’s consultation on domestic, intimate partner or sexual violence leave legislation (Bill 44), click here to view the submission.


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