Unifor is calling on Tarkett, parent company of Tandus Flooring, to come to the table to negotiate a fair severance for its workers.

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Truro gave Tandus their best.

Tandus can do better.

For more than 50 years, the workers at Tandus Flooring gave the company loyalty, support and hard work. Now, the company is shutting down and moving the work to Georgia, in the United States – where wages are low and there are less protections for workers. This callous decision will cause 200 unionized workers to lose their jobs. Seventy of them have worked at the plant for over 30 years. Families will be impacted, workers abandoned, and retirement plans altered. The community of Truro is reeling from the loss of one of its largest employers.

The parent company of Tandus, Tarkett, is a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation. They want the citizens of Nova Scotia to think them a “good” employer because they said they would do right by their employees. Except they haven’t. Despite the many years of dedicated service from the workers, Tandus refuses to offer fair severance to the workers. In fact, they haven’t offered one dime of severance pay.

Their actions are hurtful and we should all expect better.

One problem is the provincial law governing workplace closures lacks any meaningful obligations for employers who abandon workers and communities. The Industry Closing Act should be amended to include fair severance provisions for workers, because right now it does not. It’s time for the Nova Scotia government to strengthen the law to include severance pay for all workers.

Unifor represents the unionized workers at Tandus. Our union stands firm in demanding fair severance packages. We continue to demand the company come to the table and negotiate a fair deal for our members. The company has profited enormously from the hard work and dedication shown from the workers of Truro and area. It is only right to show respect and fairness in return.

Tandus said they would “do the right thing” – now is the time.

A message from Unifor and its Local 4612 – Tandus Flooring, Truro