Unifor is outraged after members returned to work following a nearly 6-month long strike at Napanee’s Lennox and Addington Interval House, only to be wrongfully terminated.

The women of LAIH went on strike to improve their working conditions and the services that they deliver. To be met with these unfair and unjustified terminations upon return to work is shameful behaviour from an employer that claims to espouse equity and justice,.

Instead of receiving schedules to start working again, more than half of the Unifor Local 414 bargaining unit members at LAIH have already been terminated from their jobs at the shelter. 

The shelter’s Executive Director called for disciplinary meetings and immediately terminated the now six full time shelter staff who were seeking to return to work. Unifor Local 414 filed grievances on every single termination, and the union intends to challenge these terminations through all available avenues as quickly as possible.

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Shelter workers at the Lennox and Addington Interval House (LAIH) initiated a strike on Friday, October 29, 2021. They're on strike for fairness and as Local 414 President Gord Currie calls it, "Union 101."

Workers are seeking the same or similar language and benefits that sister agencies in neighbouring communities have, aiming to address issues of representation, disciplinary actions and job postings.