The union’s struggle for justice, respect, and dignity cannot be limited to fighting the bad boss or pushing the government for legislative changes. It must also include taking a look internally, within our union, to consider how members are included, represented and most importantly, how we can create opportunities for equity representation of our membership.

This is why the union is strengthening its equity agenda to build Unifor.

To better understand how and where equity is represented, read this primer on Understanding Unifor’s Membership.

Click here to download a PDF profile of the Unifor membership.

Numbers and stats help provide an equity perspective that shows how diversity and representation translates in the workplace, locals and in our national union.

Data however, is only as good as we are! The numbers listed in the primer are only estimates but you can help the union develop an accurate picture.  

Fill out a short online survey to help Unifor understand the membership.

Strengthening our union is a collective task, it takes time, but it is worth it for our future!

One thing you can do today is start your own conversation about equity and representation. Talk about how and where diversity is reflected in the workplace, your local and our union!