The Ontario government is about to launch "iGaming" across the province. Regulated online gaming (aka iGaming) will help the government better address the problem of illegal online gambling.

But legalized gaming is supposed to generate good jobs and provide much-needed revenue to help fund public services like hospitals and schools. Ontario's brick-and-mortar casinos do precisely that.

The Ford government is poised to give multinational online gaming companies what amounts to a big “tax break” to operate iGaming in Ontario.

With COVID ravaging the economy province-wide, good jobs in gaming and government revenue from casinos are needed more than ever.

Unifor is demanding that online gaming operators be held to the same standard, and the make same financial contributions to government, as the job-creating brick and mortar casinos in Ontario.

We’re also concerned about the December 2021 Auditor General’s Report, and we want to make sure the provincial government takes the appropriate steps to make sure that, before it launches, the iGaming program is in full compliance with the Criminal Code.

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