As a union we understand the need to identify what diseases and other illnesses are originating from within our workplaces. We are well aware of the fact that at least one quarter of our lives is spent in the workplace. So, by finding out what causes cancer, we can reduce or eliminate these chemical exposures in the workplace as well as what is emitted into our environment.

We have a long way to go in the fight to rid our workplaces and environment of the thousands of potential cancer causing chemicals we come into contact with every day.

Collectively, we need to demand that politicians implement strong, enforceable regulations that protect us in the workplace, protect our environment and ultimately protect our health.

Can cancer really be beaten? We believe the answer is yes! We can beat this disease the same way we have won all of our battles – by drawing a line in the sand as we continue to defend our members and their families by demanding a better life for all Canadians.

Thank you, sisters and brothers for your activism and solidarity on this important issue.

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