Unifor has launched a new petition in support of hospitality and gaming workers in Ontario who have experienced wage and job loss because of COVID-19.

The province of Ontario has a disastrous record of mass privatization, allowing private operators access to massive revenue streams that siphon millions away from the public purse and into the bank accounts of private corporations. The privatization of Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) and decades of shameful cuts have weakened social services that offer vital protections to workers during challenging times. Government aid, while helpful, is not meeting the immediate needs of workers and families during sweeping layoffs.

Unifor calls on OLG and its privatized operators to provide income and benefit protection during the pandemic.

Massively profitable employers like OLG and its privatized operators have an essential role to ensure the well-being of workers and their families.

Unifor calls for:

  • Wage continuation, so that workers are fully compensated during the pandemic;
  • Full benefits coverage for the duration of the crisis;
  • An additional top-up for workers who rely on income from gratuities

Join our call for immediate income and benefit protection for employees of OLG and its privatized operators during the crisis.