Since last fall’s provincial election, our Atlantic Regional executive has discussed a number of ways to continue our political work in the province and to make sure that politicians continue to hear from Unifor on the things that are important to our members and union.

We are asking our local unions to participate in a campaign entitled “New Brunswick for Everyone.”

The campaign lays out four key demands in the following areas: Family Day, Workplace Safety, Pay Equity, and Promoting the Forestry Sector. A leaflet outlining our demands is attached.

We will be seeking meetings with government officials to put forward these demands, including the Minister of Labour. In addition, Unifor locals are asked to meet with their area MLAs to discuss these priorities and seek support from their elected officials.

Currently, Adam Costain is coordinating this work for Unifor, as the New Brunswick representative on our Atlantic Political Action Committee. You can reach Adam at @email. In the coming days and weeks he will be contacting local unions to help coordinate meetings with you and your MLAs.

Politics and political decisions impact workers every day and it is important for us to press politicians for improvements for workers all the time, not just during elections. Because, simply, if we don’t demand these things for ourselves and for all workers, who will?

As a social union, we strive to make the conditions of work and society better for all workers.

We hope you join us in this campaign to make New Brunswick a little bit better for workers and their families.