The Local Union Task Force has been one of the most significant undertakings of Unifor in its first three years. It was launched in April 2015 at a Local Union Presidents’ Conference. The purpose of the Task Force was to build strong local unions and grassroots activism.

After the Presidents' conference, 49 town hall meetings over the course of ten months were held to hear directly from members and local unions about needs and challenges for our union, and to discover the best practices from each local from coast to coast to coast. Along with face to face meeting Unifor launched an on-line local union and members’ surveys to offer another opportunity to provide detailed information about the challenges faced, and the successes that our local unions have had across the country.

At the 2016  Convention, the Task Force presented its final report including 28 recommendations for moving this agenda forward and building stronger local unions.  The Task Force also presented an action plan, complete with timelines and responsibilities  to ensure that these recommendations are implemented across the union.

Read the final report  here.

View the Convention presentation on the Local Union Task Force here (PDF)

View the final report of the Local Union Task Force presented at Canadian Council in 2018 here

To access all of the materials created for the Local Union Task Force click here.