We want to be there when you call!

When you are in medical crisis, you expect the Elgin-St. Thomas EMS Paramedics to be there.

But increased demand and more than a decade of stagnant service levels mean that for too many residents, help is far away.

During the day there are just 6 transport capable ambulances and 1 emergency response unit available for service in the county. Overnight this number drops to 5 transport capable ambulances.

This means that as call volumes and medical emergencies increase over the years, so do dangerous wait times.

This is not a theoretical problem, it is a quiet crisis facing our community right now. Situations with fatal outcomes have occurred that resulted from conditions that are treatable by Paramedics but have gone untreated due to lengthy or delayed ambulance response times.

You don’t need paramedics most days, but when you do, you need a fast, reliable service with the ability to safely transport you or your loved ones to hospital.

The Council of Elgin County has the power to change this. Elgin-St. Thomas EMS Paramedics, members of Unifor Local 302, presented to council on January 14, making the case for better services for residents.

Add your name, demand better Paramedic services in Elgin County. ​