The Ford Government has moved a bill that, if passed, will repeal the most worker-friendly labour law reforms that happened in Ontario in a generation.

Bill 47 shows us that the Premier and PC MPPs have chosen to side with his friends in business over the working people of this province.

The Ford government is attacking workers on three main fronts through this Bill:

  • By freezing the minimum wage at $14 and eliminating key employment standards, the government is dropping the floor for working in Ontario. For the millions of non-union workers in Ontario good employment standards ensure that employers don't create a race to the bottom that makes working in Ontario even worse than it is now. For workers who have a collective agreement, decent employment standards are the base from which we bargain better contracts.
  • By making it harder to join a union or keep the union of your choice, the Ford government is telling current workers, as well as the next generation, that they should settle for less fairness at work.
  • By taking over and closing the independent Ontario College of Trades and degrading apprenticeship training, the Ford government is taking power away from the united workers’ body, threatening the future of high quality apprenticeship training, and possibly endangering skilled trades workers. 

The majority of Ontarians support $15 and fairness for all workers. We must stop these dangerous attack on workers. 

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