#Bellitstime to stop the erosion of good jobs and give workers their fair share.


Bell clerical workers built the country’s largest telecommunications company, and behind the scenes, keep Bell customers connected. You work hard and you deserve job security and fair wages.

However, over the last decade, clerical workers have experienced a concerted strategy to cut the workforce, eliminating thousands of unionized jobs in the process.

Enough is enough.

It’s time for Bell top negotiate a fair contract that protects workers.

Here are three ways you can support the Bell Clerical bargaining, and protect good jobs.

  1. Come to the solidarity rally in Mississauga, Ontario to mark the first day of bargaining.
  2. Share this video and show your friends that you support Unifor members who are fighting back against outsourcing and job erosion.
  3. Tweet at @Bell. Tell them that, #Bellitstime to stop eroding good jobs and to give workers their fair share.

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Bell, it's time!