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Changing Workplaces

We can win better employment laws and fairness for all workers!

Ontarians are expected to hear over the next few weeks the long-awaited results of the Changing Workplaces Review. The Review, now more than two years in the making, is looking at Ontario’s outdated employment laws with the goal of tackling precarious, insecure work.

The two special advisors have submitted their final report and recommendations to the government and it is now under review, before it will be released to the public. Before the release, there is a window of opportunity to send a clear message and apply political pressure.

We can win changes, but we need to act now to ensure MPPs support Ontario workers and the government introduces positive changes that can make work fairer for all Ontarians.

Take five minutes right now to email AND call your MPP. This is especially important if you live in a riding with a Cabinet Minister or Liberal MPP to urge them to make the changes Ontario workers need.

Find your MPP through searching for your postal code here and send them the message below

Dear ________,

I am writing as a constituent who is very concerned about the state of work and employment in Ontario. Far too many Ontarians are struggling to make ends meet and the existing laws are 20 years out of date and simply don't protect people. I am asking that you support new legislation that would overhaul the Employment Standards and Labour Relations Act to create decent work in Ontario.

This means:

  • access to paid sick days; 
  • a $15 minimum wage; three weeks of vacation; 
  • the ability to join and keep a union; 
  • equal pay and benefits for equal work, regardless of one’s classification (temporary, casual, part-time, student, seasonal, etc.); 
  • an end to all exclusions and exemptions; 
  • protections against contract flipping;
  • protections for the right to strike; 
  • paid leave for domestic violence survivors; 
  • access to broader-based bargaining; 
  •  an expansion to the definition of employee and employer and much more.

Your attention to the issue of decent work is extremely important to me and my family. I look forward to new legislation that will modernize our outdated laws and improve the lives of Ontarians.

Sincerely, ________