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Unifor for School Bus Drivers

Unifor for School Bus Drivers

Unifor gives you the voice you deserve. This means delivering Respect for your Rights and acknowledging the Responsibility you carry every day.

Unifor represents more than 2,000 school bus drivers working in communities across Ontario. These communities include:

  • Ajax
  • Cornwall
  • Markham
  • Kincardine
  • Sarnia
  • Toronto
  • Whitby
  • Windsor

And others!

School bus drivers represented by Unifor can rely on the union’s expertise to negotiate a collective agreement that works for them. The union’s experience in the transportation sector gives you the strength you need to achieve the workplace improvements you want. This could include better scheduling rules if that’s what you and your co-workers want to see in your collective agreement. Unifor is there to help you establish bargaining priorities, elect a committee and, with the help of a national representative, negotiate collectively with your employer.

After all, students arrive safely at school day in and day out because of your hard work and dedication. At Unifor, we believe the critical role you play in the education system should be rewarded with a fair deal!

Unifor will give you a voice in the workplace. How you use it will be decided by you and your co-workers. For example, you could decide to prioritize any of the following items, or any others:

  • Fair scheduling and hours
  • Respect on the job
  • Fair wages
  • Job security and stability
  • Being paid for the time you work

We know that without a union, the balance of power lies solely with the employer. By joining together in solidarity, workers can shift that power to create a more equitable workplace where their voices are heard.

Drivers’ leading voice

Unifor is the leading voice for school bus drivers. Three years ago, Unifor published a groundbreaking study of the Request for Proposals (RFP) system used to award school bus routes to private companies in Ontario. It found that RFPs lead to a race to the bottom that drives down wages and working conditions, making it more difficult to recruit and keep drivers.

We predicted that this would lead to shortages, which is what happened at the start of the 2016-17 school year, when thousands of students in Toronto were left stranded because there weren't enough drivers for all the routes. Shortages and problems were reported across the province, and Unifor has been there to point at the systemic issues leading to the shortages.

Throughout it all, Unifor continued to negotiate pioneering collective agreements for our members, showing that the only way to push back against the problems facing this in this industry and its drivers is through collective action.

Are you ready to make a difference in your workplace? Let’s talk.    

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Speak to organizer Kellie Scanlan at 416-254-6976 or email