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Local Union Task Force

Unifor National President Jerry Dias launched Unifor’s Local Union Task Force in 2015, with Town Hall meetings in local communities beginning that summer and continuing into 2016 - all in an effort to build stronger local unions.

To see dates for Town Hall meetings please use the links below:


Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island

The Local Union Task Force is a union wide initiative to engage Local Unions and members to assess the needs of members in Local Unions and make recommendations to build stronger Local Unions with stronger membership engagement.

Watch for announcements of Town Hall meetings in your community and for other information about the Task Force in the updates below.

And, to see an interactive map of Unifor Locals across Canada click here.

Join the discussion!

The discussion paper for the Task Force, “Building Stronger Local Unions Together: Reaching our full potential”, is now available in the side bar.  The discussion paper raises key issues about the challenges we face in building strong, community and industry based Local Unions.  Members of Unifor are invited to join in a discussion about the issues raised in the discussion paper on the Unifor Facebook Page at

Attend a Town Hall Meeting!

The dynamic part of the Local Union Task Force process will be a series of Town Hall meetings in local communities as close to our members and Locals as possible.  The Town Hall meetings will bring local union leadership and interested members together to discuss these questions in an informal setting.  

1. What are the key challenges you face as a Local Union?

2. How can we build stronger member support and engagement in our Local Unions?

3. Are there some best practices and good ideas from your Local Union that you can share?

4. What ideas do you have for working with other Unifor Local Unions in your community?

5. What do you need to do to strengthen your Local Union?

Over 50 Town Hall meetings will be organized in the coming months in communities across Canada.  Watch for correspondence to your Local Union for specific dates and venues, or check out updates.