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Join the Good Jobs Revolution

A decent living and hope for the future.

For most of us, that’s all we want, all we need, to be happy and live fulfilling lives. And it’s what Unifor wants, too.

The low-paying precarious jobs that define today’s economy won’t provide the security and stability workers need. Instead, they promise a country in which young people can expect, for the first time in Canadian history, to be worse off than their parents.

That’s why Unifor is moving forward with plans to host a National Good Jobs Summit, bringing together all stakeholders to start a conversation about creating jobs with fair wages – jobs that are safe and secure.

On the World Day for Decent Work on Oct. 7, Unifor National President Jerry Dias reaffirmed his promise for Unifor to hold a Good Jobs Summit in 2014.

To read Unifor’s 2013 World Day for Decent Work Statement click here  (pdf).

We need to work toward a better future. That work starts today.

You can help by:

  • Telling us your story about precarious work and how you would make your job better by emailing Let us know if you’d like to get updates on this campaign;
  • Taking to Twitter with the hashtag #GoodJobsRev to get the conversation started.

More information:

Re-thinking the Auto industry four page booklet

Raise the minimum wage – leaflet for Ontario

More information will be made available on this site in the coming weeks and months, so check back often!